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After His Latest Injury, It’s Safe To Say We Will Never Get To Witness Hazard At His Best Again

Eden Hazard while at Chelsea was a different and special player.He was in his prime and at his very best from the time he joined them in 2013 and left in 2017.His speed,no look passes,dribbling skills and ability to position himself well to receive the ball in the opposition box was impressive.Hazard at the time was at the same level as Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.It was just a matter of time and when before he also got to win the Ballon D’or.This has however not happened and is likely not happen after he moved to Real Madrid.Hazard is not the same player we knew at the Spanish club.He struggled with injuries in his first two years.His return in 2019 was not successful either as since then upto now he still struggles to shine in games.He can no longer score,assist,dribble or even make those no look passes he used to make at Chelsea.Out of the the five years he has been at Real Madrid,Hazard has only seven goals and three assists.At Chelsea during the same time frame,he had managed over one hundred goals and over fifty assists.Currently at 33 years old time is no longer on his side.He is unable to manage his weight and Real Madrid are considering selling him in August.It is safe to say we will never get to witness him at his best ever again.

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