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Areas Of Delay You Need To Deal With—Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Paul Enenche is the founder of the Abuja-based Dunamis International Gospel Centre. The cleric has taken to his official Facebook page to share the message he has delivered titled, Dealing With Delay. In the message, the cleric has revealed three areas of delay believers need to deal with for them to move forward in life. In his words, he has stressed that God is the reason for progress and satan is the reason for stagnation. With God, you ‘GO’ but with satan, you ‘are stagnated’.

Below are the areas, as shared by the cleric;

1. Delay Of Vision

Satan specializes in delaying visions. As a believer, your vision is preset. God has established His mandate for you in the form of your vision and the things you would become in life, but, Satan is ever ready to cause you to delay in various ways. You need to be physically and spiritually conscious of your life and what God wants to do through you. You have to be prayerful and walk rightly in God. It is through Him you can overcome every form of delay.

2. Delay Of Divine Promise

The divine promises of God for your life will never fail, but, Satan is already posed to ensure they are delayed. You must not give him any chance to delay the divine promises of God for your life.

3. Delay Of The New Beginning

God wants you to have new and better beginnings. This Satan in his agenda for your life, he will never go against. This you must fight and prevent him from doing, by all means. Through prayers and supplications, you will defeat the devil. That is poised to delay you from your new beginning.

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