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Bahati’s baby Mama’s photo with another man raises eyebrows

Yvette Obura who is well known to many as singer Bahati’s baby mama has raised eyebrows over her latest photo. She shared the photo on her Instagram page. It was a photo of him, her daughter Mueni and another man. Of course one would wonder why she chose to post the photo of the man and her daughter together. She simply captioned the photo “fan”. They sure looked good. She however did not mention what relationship she had with that man or who the man is to her. Her fans were just left speculating whether he is the man in her life Currently. This is considering the fact that Yvette has never introduced a man in her life. Check out some of the comments from the comments section of her post. Well, only time would tell. As it is said, nothing is hidden under the sun. She might decide to clear up the air and tell us the identity of the man.

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