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BBTitans highlights: Mmeli’s questions biggie during his diary session

After his diary session, Biggie seemed to have been offended by the former Big Brother Titans head of house, Mmeli.

The diary session began on a sour note: when Mmeli came late, Biggie quickly punished him, and Mmeli retaliated a minute later by telling Big Brother his thoughts on the games and their regulations. He then questioned Big Brothers’ rationale and expressed some dissatisfaction with his stay and experience in the home.

Mmeli’s complaint about his injured ankle and need for shoes was one of the statements that enraged Big Brother. Another instance was when Mmeli questioned one of the rules of a previous game, claiming that he doesn’t grasp the notion of rolling the cup of wine with a tissue since – in the end – housemates were tugging the cup rather than rolling the tissue.

Finally, Mmeli had nothing good to say about the majority of the other housemates, but he did have a lot to say about Theo, calling him unpleasant and disrespectful.

Biggie then asked Mmeli whether he was sick of being at the house or if he took Biggie’s hospitality for granted. Despite Mmeli’s apology, Biggie seems unimpressed.

Viewers on social media were abuzz with the notion that Mmeli was entitled;

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