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Commercial motorcyclists, others reject old naira in Kaduna

Prior to the deadline set by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on January 31, owners of commercial motorbikes and tricycles in Kaduna have started to refuse outdated naira notes.

Despite the fact that fuel is in short supply, the drivers of the few commercial motorbikes and tricycles that are currently offering bare-bones services are refusing fresh notes. A DAILY POST reporter who was at numerous bus stations in Kaduna on Tuesday noticed this.

Many entrepreneurs and service providers in the city have made the decision to only accept the new currency.

“This old note will no longer be useful after this week, as we all know. Why are they paying for shipping costs with old notes once more?” According to a motorcyclist by the name of Dele Busa.

Similar to this, Madamko, a tricyclist, claimed he instructed any possible passengers to pay their transportation ticket with fresh notes as the old currency will expire on January 31.

He asserted that since banks were printing fresh bills, there was no longer any basis for accepting old money.

Simple, he replied, just take your old note to the bank as directed, get new money, and pay for the service I give you.

He advised everyone with old cash to find a way to swap their notes for new ones in order to avoid losing money.

Food vendor Mrs. Rose Musa reported that she had started rejecting outdated cash since so many of the nearby merchants from whom she buys food in significant quantities had recently done so.

Mr. Joseph Badmus, the president of the Kaduna Motorcycle Organization, acknowledged to the Daily Post in Sabon Tasha that he has since advised association members to cease accepting old cash.

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