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“Family Is Everything” Sandra Ndacha Writes As She Shares Cute Photos Of Her Family Members

Family is very important to each and every one of us. Because sometimes when the whole world is against you, your family will always support and stand by you.

Sandra,who’s popularly known as Silprosa for her role in aunty Boss is a great woman. One beautiful thing about her is that she loves and appreciates her plus size body, she embraces herself and calls herself “the big Machine. This gives courage to some people who aren’t comfortable of how they look.

Away from that, she’s a kind hearted lady who has come through for celebrities like the late Othuol Othuol’s contributions and also did a great part in Akuku danger’s medical contributions who has leukemia.

Recently she shared adorable photos of her sisters and a brother,together with their children and one can just admire how lovely they look.

She also shared a photo with his son on school uniform ready to get back to school and one can see how lovely they are.

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Family Is Everything
Sandra Ndacha
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