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Khosi Reacts Towards Yemi, Sparks Wild Reactions » Ngnews247

Before today, Khosi had not made it clear with her actions where she stands with Yemi regarding the intimacy that was brewing between them. While it is obvious, Yemi didn’t come into the house to be tied down to one girl, the emotions of the female he’s getting entangled with might be so messy, he’d be unable to move on.

His situationship with Khosi didn’t end messy, she took it quite well and they even continued to have “moments” while Yemi flirted with other girls. As he gets close to Blue Aiva, it is becoming harder to keep what he had going with Khosi.

Their situationship might be severed on his part, but is it the same on hers has been the question everyone has been asking. During their morning discussion today, he tried to playfully fondle her face.

Yemi Khosi BBTitans

These little acts of body contact usually build intimacy and are expected more between lovers than between two people trying to maintain cordiality. She did not reciprocate his move and pushed his hand away. Despite her withdrawal fans are still questioning the dynamics of their relationship. If he’s still trying to flirt with her, why is he with Blue?


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