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Latest Photos Of Kabi With Her First Born Daughter Abby Wajesus.

Kabi Wajesus is one of Kenya’s top Content Creators. Kabi is a Full Time Content Creator. Kabi does Content Creation alongside his wife Milly Wajesus. Kabi and Milly started their You Tube Channel in 2018 and the channel has really grown . Right now Milly and Kabi are on their journey to one million subscribers.

Kabi and Milly have been married since 2017 and the two have been blessed with two children. However later on Kabi came to be exposed that he had sired a baby outside wedlock before meeting Milly Wajesus. Kabi had sired a daughter with one of his cousins. Kabi came to accept that he wasn’t a good man in his past but after he got married he transformed.

Kabi has been making up for all the lost time with her daughter and Kabi is now a present father figure to her first born daughter. Abby even visits Kabi in his home. See Latest screenshot of Kabi’s Instagram Stories below. Of Kabi Twinning With His Daughter.

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