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Lukay Exposes Yemi Cregx Secrets » Ngnews247

South African Lukay, one of the wittiest housemates in the Big Brother Titans Reality TV Show, today, revealed some top secrets of Nigerian Yemi Cregx and his approach towards the other contestants.

During the diary session, Pa Lukay, as he’s popularly called by tweeps, exposed Yemi’s strategy. He told Biggie that the big lad tries so hard to befriend everybody.

He said there is no way anybody in this world could be friends with everybody, adding that Yemi Cregx is only trying to get close to housemates because he searches for a favour.

Lukay also spoke excessively about his paired partner in the BBTitans reality TV show. He talked about their working relationship in completing the task ahead.

He spoke about how he would have preferred another partner to complete the wager. His reason is that he intends to win the task and that another housemate doesn’t spoil his game.

On another note, Lukay has been spotted kissing Ipeleng after just a few days in Biggie’s house.


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