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Moment Yemi Cregx Begs For A Kiss » Ngnews247

When we say last night was epic, we mean epic. Biggie must have put the cologne of love because there was love in the air. Last night, housemates were endearing to their alleged lovers.

Yesterday night, our resident bad boy, Yemi Cregx was his ever-charming self. He started to woo Blue Aiva with his swift words. As per usual, She remained hesitant to his advances.

Yemi Cregx and Blue Aiva

She constantly blushed and casually pushed him off. This went on for a while until he looked at her with his smile. That smile probably did the trick because rather than ask for a kiss, he went in for one. It was slow and swift but it was worth the wait.

We wonder what that means for this couple. Does She have what it takes to keep this bad boy in line?

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