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“Nilifika Uko Mbele Ya Eddy Nderitu And That Was Her Night” Karen Nyamu Talks About The Dubai Drama

If you are a social media user you must have come across Karen Nyamu at some point. She is a social media influencer and Kenyan politician who has moved from grass to fame through hard work and determination within the shortest period of time.

One month ago she was the talk of all social media pages after she confronted Samidoh’s wife in Dubai during Samidoh’s show. This angered Eddy Nderitu who attacked her causing commotions in the club. Samidoh sided with his wife Eddy Nderitu where he took her from the scene while Karen Nyamu who is his baby mama was taken out by security personnels.

Some hours ago Karen posted on her Instagram page saying she has never been alone since through it all and in every season God was with her. One of her follower commented reminding her of the Dubai drama and how she was mishandled and thrown out. She added that to make the matter worse Samidoh left with the wife Eddy Nderitu leaving her with security personnels.

Karen Nyamu decided to reply on the comment and made it clear on how things went on. According to her, she said that was Eddy Nderitu’s night since she had landed in Dubai earlier and she had spent her time with Samidoh. She went ahead and told the fan not to pretend like she knows people’s timetable although that is her past now.

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