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Plane Fails to Take off in Mombasa, Media Personality on Board Says “Its Scary” (Photos)

Air transport is one of the fastest means of transport used in the world. In Kenya, there are several airlines which offers transport services across major towns. One of the Airlines which operates along Nairobi – Mombasa route is jambojet aeroplanes. Today, passengers complained after the aeroplane failed to take off in Mombasa.

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According to a post shared by Media Personality Linda Ogutu on her Twitter account, the jambojet to Nairobi failed to take off. She said, “this plane jombojet to Nairobi has failed to take off. They said it has a caution light… Some passengers have opted not continue with the journey…i have a faithful God”. She added that it is scary but they shall take a risk by traveling with it after the problem is fixed.

Photo : (Courtesy) Linda Ogutu, Media Personality. https://twitter.com/lindahoguttu/status/1618291175039074307?t=91zKC9zDYMiLdFtXy2IaSw&s=19

Photo: (Courtesy) Jambojet aeroplanes at an airport.

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