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Top 3 Least Marketable Courses In Kenya You Should Avoid, Check Out Their Alternatives (Opinion)

Starting a successful career means getting the right training, and almost every college and university degree comes with the promise of a better financial future. However, some are more valuable than others.

It is important to understand how the job market in Kenya works because some degrees teach the same course, but one may be more marketable than the other. If you’re really interested in your career path, check out this list of four degrees with lower education and alternatives.

1. Economics

Economics seems like a solid choice, but there are two major problems: Not everyone takes it, and most programs don’t offer enough “hands-on” training.

Understanding how to handle the ebbs and flows of the economy may seem like a practical, in-demand skill, but when the labor market is underserved by too many economists and no one has the necessary practical skills, high unemployment is inevitable.


If you really want to work with money, a finance degree is the way to go in today’s market. While economics gives you insight into market trends, finance gives you the tools to analyze and manage your ‘s key financial decisions.

2. Political science and Government

Political science majors are interested in the ways and means of law in Kenya, but it is difficult to translate their passion into practical work experience. This level focuses more on theory and broad ideas than practical skills.

You can understand the broad political landscape of the nation, but it is difficult to convince an employer that it is in their best interest.

Alternative:Criminal Justice

Political science majors aren’t in great demand right now, but criminal justice seems to be pretty cool. This degree provides a strong perspective on litigation for the United States, and these skills are likely to be in demand in today’s job market.

3. Information system

In the past, many companies had a great need for IT professionals, but this is no longer the case due to rapidly changing technology. Although managing the flow of corporate information is still important, the way of doing it has changed. Builders become designers, and the middle man is cut out.

Alternative: Computer Science

The computer science department is highly sought after; in fact, some companies find it difficult to even find qualified candidates. This degree provides a deeper understanding of how the digital world, the Internet, works. Coding is a practical skill, so if you don’t want to manage a network, you’ll have the tools you need to find work elsewhere.

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