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Viewers Bash Nigerian Housemate For Disrespecting Parents » Ngnews247

Fans of the ongoing Big Brother Titan have come out to deny and criticise Nigerian housemate Nana following her comment about her parent. They were in the sitting room when she said she will clear anybody as she does not have respect for anybody’s age in the house.

The first line of the statement did not attract any comment it was when she took it higher by saying even her parent she does clear them and if she can do it to her parent she will do it to anybody. She was talking about the portion of food in the house.

Nigerian Housemate for Disrespecting Parents

She is the type that selects food so, she thinks that they should be mindful of people like her who can not eat all types of food. Nana forgot that she is in a public space and people will choose to show you love or care if only they want to and so you can’t force it.

She was with her partner Thabang with three other housemates when she said. Following the comment, many people came out to say they are very sure she is not Nigerian, because of her rude and disrespectful words. Some pitied her Thabang who is respectful and calm a very different personality from her.


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