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2023: You’ve not won; you are threatening to deal with some people; will God allow you to win?- Wike

According to a report by Vanguard, Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, asked, will God allow somebody who has not won and he is threatening to deal with some people if he wins to win?

Ahead of the 2023 presidential election, the PDP is yet to put its house in order as the party is still facing an internal crisis. The 5 aggrieved governors (integrity group) are yet to join the PDP presidential train.

However, Governor Wike today, at the Rivers state PDP campaign rally in Mogho town alleged that some personalities in his party(PDP) who are yet to win the election are threatening him and was asking if God will allow them to win.

“Most of you have watched on Youtube where they said they will deal with me when they win. You can’t win. You have not won, you are threatening to deal with some people. Will God allow you? All of them planning and saying they will deal with us, they have not been born. I dare them, let them try it.

Wike observed that election in this 2023 is not the same like that of 2019. He said in this coming election it is people(Nigerians) who will decide with their voter’s card unlike what happened in 2019 where Police and Army were allegedly used to scare the voters.

Guys, kindly give your comment on this?

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