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Meet The Man Who Stole A Coffin And A Dead Body Once, And Discover What Became Of Him

He is known as John Kibera. He committed grave robbery, which made him a wanted criminal across the country. He started recounting his tale. His mother remarried and relocated to Nakuru after his parents divorced while he was young; there, his stepfather tortured him and forbade him from going to school. He supposedly made the decision to start stealing at this point. 

When he was 11 years old, he was sentenced to Kakamega’ s Shikusa GK Prison for Delinquent Children after stealing Sh150 from his aunt to purchase food. She left Shikusa in the middle of the 1990s and joined a gang in Kenya. He and his crew robbed banks and carjacked people, but he managed to flee while they were all killed with gunshot wounds. 

He made the decision to try grave robbery, and I was shocked by how easy and straightforward it was. There was no one to report him, and police don’ t often patrol cemeteries. They used to frequently check the obituaries in the newspaper to determine which graves to raid. When we planned the raid, after calculating the cost of the casket and the clothing, they attended the funeral planning meetings. 

When they dug up graves, they removed the coffin and any other valuables before reburying some of the deceased while leaving others exposed. One of the coffins they discovered was worth Sh500, 000, and they were able to recoup Sh100, 000 by selling it to the owner of a nearby Asian coffin shop. They smoked bhang, John said, to give them the nerve to commit the deed. 

He made the decision to give up crime after almost escaping death in 2000 for stealing a casket from Lang’ ata. After handing over a gun to authorities at the Kamukunji Police Station and the Makadara Law Courts, he was detained and imprisoned for six months. I abandoned a life of crime and even visited a church in Githurai to discuss my enigmatic past. Everything I had stolen, a home in Kawangware, was given back to me. He now motivates others as a motivational speaker in his new life.

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