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Men Don’t Like Me, They Just Pretend To & They Don’t Like Taking Me On Dates- Charity Says

Chiwetalu Charity, a 24- year- old university student from Enugu State in Nigeria, talked about her physical difficulties in an interview with BBC Pidgin. She also spoke about her mission to demonstrate to the world that people with physical limitations are deserving of respect, not sympathy. 

The charity said she was born with legs. She finds it upsetting that some people are ashamed of her, and she finds it tough that men don’ t really love her; they just pretend to; they don’ t like taking her out on dates; they prefer her to stay indoors. 

She had no veins in her legs as a child, so the doctor informed her mother that they would have to amputate her legs in order for her to survive. However, she assured him that he would have a good wife if he married her. 

According to her, she founded TikTok to express her creativity and her desire to have fun. She also disclosed that she started it to show the world that people with physical disabilities shouldn’ t be treated differently than others but rather equally. 

While some individuals do not want her, Charity claimed that she had sympathetic pals who did not even glance at her due to her physical restrictions

These friends are there for her all the time, reprimand her when she errs, and go on excursions with her. She claimed that being among this particular group of close friends makes her feel comfortable and . 

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