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Mimi Najua Bei; What Wambui Wanjihia Posted on Her FB That Brought About Mixed Reactions

In the recent past, class eight students are joining different secondary schools as per their performances. Unfortunately, many of the students had low marks so they never got into a good school. Some parents never liked the schools that the government aligned their children to join so they opted to find them a better school that is near their homestead.

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In the recent past, Wambui Wanjihia, a presenter at Kigooco FM posted a picture together with her daughter, choosing a school box. Her daughter did her KCPE whereby she performed very well. Luckily she was called into a national school called Moi Girls Isinya.

Wambui posted a picture of her choosing a box for her daughter. Wambui wrote on her Facebook page that she knew the cost of the box and so the seller should not tell her a higher price than what she knew. According to Wambui is that she knew the price of the box and so the buyer should not confuse her.

The buyer told Wambui that the box cost sh4200 but she refused to buy at that cost claiming that she knew the actual cost.

At times different sellers hike the prices in the market when different commodities are in high demand. Unfortunately, if the buyer doesn’t know the exact price of the products, he or she tends to pay a lot of money for the product.

People had different reactions to r her post;

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