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Reactions Trail Video Of Female Army Officer Flogging Her Junior Colleague In Abuja

The video of a female army officer mercilessly flogging her junior colleague in Abuja has sparked several reactions from netizens. The video which is making the rounds shows the moment a female soldier was being held down by another soldier while she was being flogged with a stick by another female soldier.

According to reports, it was a second army lieutenant that was flogging her junior colleagues at the female corps in Abuja in the video.

It was gathered that trouble started after the lieutenant got into an altercation with her junior colleague. This resulted into a scuffle and, as a result, the lieutenant slapped her female colleague. The female colleague retaliated, slapping the lieutenant.

The infuriated lieutenant reportedly ordered her colleagues to hold down the junior colleague who slapped her while she flogged her mercilessly. It was also reported that the lieutenant’s junior colleague was locked up by the lieutenant.

In the video making the rounds, the lieutenant repeatedly wiped her junior colleague with a stick while another soldier covered the junior colleague’s face with a clothe and held her down. The lieutenant’s junior colleague can also be seen trying to fight back while being flogged, throwing objects at the lieutenant.

A sequel of the video shows the aftermath of the flogging. The lieutenant’s junior colleague can be seen sitting on the ground and later showing the several scars she had on her body as a result of the severe flogging.

Netizens have reacted to this as a lot of people believe the lieutenant might have gone too far on punishing her junior colleague. 

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