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Top Politician Allegedly loots Ksh 15 Million, Buy a Brand New Prado Saying it’s His Time to Eat

A popular politician who is the leader of a renowned party is a man under siege. This is after he failed to account for Ksh 15 million of the party’s funds. The political has been taking party auditors in circles.

Recently, other party leaders demanded a balance sheet to show how he spent the money he drew from the party accounts.

He has not submitted any to date. The man who is currently serving has been linked to swindling millions of party funds.

A whistleblower from the party raised an alarm after he discovered that he was drawing money from the party and depositing it in his personal account.

Word has it that he used part of the looted funds to buy the brand-new Prado that he is currently using.

The politician was overheard at a popular entertainment joint telling his allies that he is unbothered about the noises made concerning the party funds. He alleged that it was his time to eat and no one should question him about how he spent the funds.

On the other hand, aggrieved party leaders have threatened to take legal action if he fails to return the unaccounted funds. Only time will tell who wins this stalemate. 

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