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“Usiwai Rudia Ex” Karen Nyamu Says

Have you heard or met Samidoh and Karen Nyamu? They are both celebrities and media personalities as Samidoh happens to be an artist and a policeman while Karen Nyamu is a senator. The two have been involved in a series of scandals as Karen Nyamu happens to be his baby mama too despite breaking up with him after Dubai drama that led to her being dragged out by security personell due to a fist fight with his wife, Edday Nderitu.https://www.facebook.com/497615353664351/posts/pfbid0V3ZDbfyJggcPyydVmXe6NVvjk9PsPfhrQ35fesfeSjEyNUcRRhPmw5sdy2KSFXujl/?app=fbl

Lately on social media, Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have been throwing shades at each other ever since they broke up and even after Gachagua asked Samidoh to maintain order with his women, Karen Nyamu being included. They have been exchanging trolls and critics against each other as Karen Nyamu went ahead to post a cryptic post about an ex claiming that they always have nothing new to say and that they should just remain in the past.

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