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Marriage is a good Thing; Justina Syokau to Maggie Shii After She Commented on Her FB Page

Maggie Shii is a gospel artist born in 1992. Her urge to join gospel music started when she was a very young girl. Luckily her parents joined hands to make her dream come true one day.

Maggie after high school secured a job at a Mpesa shop where she was earning good money. After working for a few years she resigned from her job. Her main reason for quitting the job was that she lost money in unclear circumstances. After all, she worked with a lot of cash.

And because she had not enough experience in the business she made losses. “End month I could be paid little money, ” She narrated during an interview with Jeff Kuria. Her boss could deduct the lost money from her salary.

Maggie decided to never be employed in a Mpesa again.

Later on, Maggie decided to record her first song with the money she had saved. Unfortunately, people never knew so the song didn’t do well in the industry. In 2021 Maggi rose to fame after she produced a song called “Ndehera Thayu”. Luckily the song did well in the gospel industry.

Many people called her to perform in different ceremonies and churches.

In the recent past, Maggie Shii posted her now husband on her Facebook page. She wrote that it’s their journey, it’s their decision and they are happy about it. They both held each other romantically. Her left hand had a shiny ring.

Unfortunately, Maggie hid her husband’s face so people were not able to see him. Maggie seemed happy in a cool environment with trees and long grass. Many people on social media came out to congratulate her in large numbers.

Justina syokau a gospel artist wrote an interesting message on Maggie’s page. She stated that Maggie deserved the best. Justina added to say that marriage is a good thing and she wished her all the best in her entire life.

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