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Proficient and Fulfilling Crisis Care at Battor Emergency clinic: My experience

The standard and frequently practice in our neighborhood called Ghana is to reprimand the surgeons and scrutinize the emergency clinics for inappropriate ways of behaving or acts. We scarcely do the opposite of complimenting them whenever they had accomplished something generally excellent.

As a matter of fact, just couple of individuals bring the great deeds of the surgeons to the very courts of general assessment that passes judgment on them brutally with inconsiderate comments at whatever point they turn out badly. Society should be adjusted in this critical respect, methinks.

I should concede that in 2010 somewhere around there, I almost distributed my negative involvement with a similar Catholic Emergency clinic, Battor when a religious recluse who was a staff there was excessively discourteous to me. Notwithstanding, I deserted that part after I got a supplication for her benefit. It subsequently benefits me to offer commendation this time that I had encountered something pleasant at a similar wellbeing office.

On this event, I decide to grandstand some wellbeing laborers who took care of me at the crisis ward of the Catholic Emergency clinic, Battor on Saturday, January 14, 2023. My uncle, kin and cousins hurried me there desperately for care in a dangerous circumstance. I was in horrendous torment.

As a matter of fact, with the 2010 terrible experience at the forefront of my thoughts when I was being hurried to the Battor Emergency clinic this time, I called a companion working there to make an extraordinary game plan for me, however he said he was not inside the area as he had ventured out to Cape Coast. Notwithstanding, he guaranteed me that I would be well taken care of in light of the fact that the specialists are exceptionally proficient in their dealings with patients. All things considered, I took his declaration with a touch of salt aware of my terrible experience beforehand. In the long run and to a great extent, he was more than right.

Promptly I showed up in the crisis ward, the attendant who was vigorously pregnant hurried to me and started her inquiries concerning what was the matter with me. Her collaborator was holding on to offer me any solace she could likewise provide for limit my aggravation.

Quickly, they took my vitals. I became fretful and parched out of nowhere, so I requested that my uncle get me water to drink. A peculiar contort happened. My uncle over postponed with the water. I later saw that the methodical or wellbeing collaborator was holding some sachet water, I speculated she was tied in with serving another patient. Out of agony, I shouted like I was directing her to give me the water. She could have figured out my predicament, so she considerately asked, gracious you need water? I answered in the certifiable. She gave me the water unhesitatingly. This while and until I left, these medical attendants didn’t have the foggiest idea what I’m (my calling). I’m a Wellbeing Administration Executive.

I say this in light of the fact that, to them, they were taking care of a patient no matter what his status. They didn’t make me pay for the water. I heard the attendant’s name as Klenam or Kekle (Sparkle for me or sparkle). She took my vitals rapidly. I later got to realize that her family name is Morkli. Tragically, I was unable to request the name from her collaborator before their shift finished and they left. They were on morning shift, so they left in the early evening, however Klenam informed me prior to leaving.

The Vomitus

I became disgusted in the wake of drinking the water. This while, I was situated in an agreeable seat. In the blink of an eye, I felt like regurgitating so I let the specialist know who gave me the water to give me a kidney dish or any compartment of a sort so I could upchuck. She immediately held the dish underneath my jawline, and I regurgitated plentifully until the repository was full to the edge. She let me know that she planned to dispose of the vomitus and return to me so I ought to control the desire. I gestured in the certifiable. Be that as it may, even before she could run back to where I was situated, I wrecked the floor of the ward. I felt humiliated so I was sorry however she considerately said I shouldn’t stress.

The Delightful Nursing Care

With the regurgitating over, the nursing care started. I inquired as to whether they had an unfilled bed since I currently wanted to lie in bed as I was burnt out on sitting. She said OK, an unfilled bed was accessible. I was blissful about that. She made sense of for me that she would take my blood test for some lab tests. I assented. She then, at that point, made sense of for me that she would give me an IV liquid. I asked her which one and she referenced the name. she then, at that point, inquired as to whether I had at any point responded to it or on the other hand on the off chance that there are sure medications to which I respond. I said OK however not unreasonably one yet quickly, I failed to remember the name of the medication I in all actuality do respond to. She then, at that point, made me agreeable in bed and began the IV medication . I was getting feeling significantly better. Different medications were controlled after my determination was completely made sense of for me.

Generally speaking, the medical caretaker and her collaborator were exceptionally well mannered in giving the therapy and I felt spoiled. They conveyed to me at each phase of the treatment. I’m appreciative to Medical attendant Kekle Morkli and her collaborator on the job that Saturday, January 14, 2023.

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