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What KDF Soldiers Were Spotted Doing in Eastern DRC that Left Netizens Talking Online (Photos)

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) are among the Kenyan Contingent sent to Democratic Rebublic of Congo for a peacekeeping mission under the East Africa Region Contingent Forces (EARCF). They have been there for some few months and their effort has been significantly witnessed.

Today, photos of the Kenya Defence Forces soldiers with other EARCF supporting communities fix water system resurfaced online. According to the post shared by EARCF on twitter, the soldiers restored water supply to residents of Kabaya, Biluma, Rumangabo and nearby villages in the Rutshutu territory. This was after they repaired, serviced and fuelled faulty generators.

Photo : (Courtesy) Kenya Defence Forces fixing water systems in Democratic Rebublic of Congo. https://twitter.com/eacrf_DRC/status/1619751503446822912?t=WXn5KCkpdIkH5H4LFe8eIw&s=19

Water supply is one of the humanitarian crisis affecting the residents in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Many netizens reacted applauded the move as they reacted with alot of mixed views. Here are some of their comments on the post.

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