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“Make Kenyatta & Moi Families Pay” Azimio Politician Tells Ruto As He Supports The President’s Move

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Just a few hours after Mama Ngina, the former first lady addressed President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza administration regarding tax payment issues, an Azimio-affiliated leader has taken a rather different tack and attacked the Kenyatta and Moi families. Kabando wa Kabando, who campaigned for a senatorial seat in Nyeri County on the Jubilee party ticket, is finally aiming at the Moi and Kenyatta families after initially hesitating to do so.

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According to a statement by the vocal politician made through a Twitter account, has publicly expressed his support for President William Ruto in his efforts to take on the two powerful families, despite being a member of Azimio, whose chairman is former President Uhuru Kenyatta. To put a stop to forms of impunity, Kabando claims that the head of state should use all legal means to force the two powerful households to pay tax.

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Kabando has also spoken out for Mau Mau liberation fighters who lost everything when their land was taken from them, making them and their children squatters. He said the President should make the likes of Kenyatta, Mois, multinationals, Comprador Beorgeoise, and land-grabbing individuals feel the justifiable pinch and suffering.

Kabando added that every Kenyan should pay taxes, adding that although he denied Ruto’s offer of a UDA ticket, the president has a huge backing for his drive to put an end to impunity.

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Do you think Kabando will support Raila’s anti-government protests? Will his failure to do so affect the Azimio coalition party’s existing influence in the Mount Kenya region?

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