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My friends planned to have me deported from Canada – Ghanaian reveals

Canadian-based Ghanaian Samuel Duah has disclosed that some friends intentionally sent false information about him to Canadian immigration to have him deported.

Speaking on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Samuel indicated that he was in the process of getting his documents, and this provoked his undocumented friends to send such information. 

“Those friends were very close to me, and they knew everything about what was going on. At the time, they did not have documents. So, they got jealous when I got the opportunity to start mine that early. 

They would send the wrong information to immigration to have me deported. I often received messages from immigration about such info, but they (friends) denied it each time I asked.”

Moreover, Samuel advised people travelling to Canada to be wary of friends and family because they may forsake them in times of trouble. 

Mr Duah has been living in Canada for six years. Samuel shared with DJ Nyaami, his journey from Ghana and how his family disappointed him. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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