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“Hii imeenda” Kenyans React as Harmonize Shows Eve Mungai Some Love

Recently, Tanzanian Bongo artist Harmonize took to social media to show love to Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve, just ahead of his performance in Embu, Kenya. harmonize, who recently announced that he is single, surprised many by sending love to Eve, who celebrated her anniversary with her partner Trevor.

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Mungai Eve, who has a strong online presence, is known for her creative and her relationship with Trevor has been a source of inspiration for many. As she celebrated another year of love and commitment, harmonize’s show of affection caused quite a stir on social media, with many Kenyans reacting to the news.

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Many Kenyans were pleasantly surprised by this show of affection from a well-known artist, with some taking to social media to express their excitement and support. harmonize’s actions were seen as a positive step towards fostering unity and goodwill between Kenya and Tanzania, two neighboring countries with a rich cultural heritage.

Here are some comments from Kenyans

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