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Is She After His Money Or Love: Mixed Reactions As Couples Posted Their Photos Online.

Nowadays love is said to be money and due to that when you see a lady with man she is always after his money and due to that it has made most of our men still living a single life because of the burdens that will be on him when married.

Note, not all girls are after money but some are there looking for a responsible and caring men to spend their lives with them.

When I was passing through my social media handles, I came across a certain photos about some couples that is causing confusion online.

The photo of the couples has really motivated me in life which i think you will also be motivated when you see the photos.

According to the photos, a beautiful lady who was healthy got married to a man who is not that healthy due to the lack of some body parts.

The man was sitting in his wheelchair when they took the photo.

Without wasting much time let’s view the photos below.

As you can see from the pictures above, it could be noted that the couples where in the same outfit enjoying their relationship.

Let’s view some comments below.

The comments really sounds funny but all the same that’s the plans of God so nobody can change it.

Do you really think the girl loves the boy or its because of his money?

Kindly drop your opinion at the comment section below.

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