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Man Who Offered To Sacrifice Wife In Prank Video Finally Feted

Mwendwa Kasembi who recently made headlines after accepting to sacrifice his wife in exchange for money, has now been honored by a top . Kasembi was pranked by popular creator Nickie Bigfish who deceived him that he would be offered Ksh.1 million in exchange of his two family members; surprisingly, Mwendwa conformed to the ‘deal.’

After his video sparked mixed reactions online, an named Faras Kenya invited Mwendwa alongside his wife together with creator Nickie Bigfish who led the couple to the premises. According to Bigfish, the man was offered an amount to start up a business instead.

“Thanks faras Kenya for coming through for Mwendwa and his wife. Hakuna kuingia illuminati tena.” Nickie Bigfish jotted.

The video had sparked so many concerns online with many being astonished by the extent some Kenyans could go in exchange for money. However, others also argued that Mwendwa might had been pinned down by the tough Kenyan economy to opt for such a perplexing decision.

Tap this link to watch the video.

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