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Outcry Of As ECDE Diplomas And Degrees With C plain In KCSE Left Out Of The JSS Recruitement

The newly recruited university graduate teachers have started streaming in for the actual teaching of the Junior Secondary Schools. It was much to the dismay of p1 teachers who had Diplomas IN ECDE and Degrees with c plain mean grades. Such teachers had languished in poverty after spending 10 yrs in wait since 2013 when promotion for teachers with diplomas in ECDE came into halted.Before then, a group of teachers who had completed their diplomas in ECDE got promoted. It’s not even worth saying; instead, it’s a thorn in the flesh when their friend sees them climb the leaders of administration while their friend pursues the same diploma. Fairness to this has to be checked for compensation by the able Teachers Service Commission.

The pain of the worst, it’s now crystal clear. In a few years, secondary school teachers will eventually wipe out p1 teachers in the name of Junior Secondary Schools. The same teachers will join KUPPET as they are secondary teachers, living with a handful of members. It is painful for primary school teachers not to be given a chance to teach grade seven, leading the class 8 pupils at a higher level than this grade.

I believe the Teacher Service Commission could have interacted with the primary teachers during the extended holiday to enable fit in teaching this grade. Their Certificate, Diplomas and Degrees sound outdated despite being issued by Knec.The frustration is significant; why can’t the government recognize the p1 teachers with ECDE Diplomas and degrees with C plain? while those who completed before 2013 were identified and are enjoying the fruits of their Diplomas? The government should then take the bold step and direct colleges and knew to stop offering these courses if they are no longer needed. Who will come to the rescue of a primary school teacher who is almost screaming now?

May the cries of these teachers be heard and answered by the Almighty God

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