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Did You Know Wode Maya Left His $2000 Job To Do YouTube – Continue Reading

Wode Maya, a well-known YouTuber, has shared how he turned his side business into a full-time job. Maya confessed in an exclusive interview with YouTube sensation Gabe The Sharkboy that, despite receiving a respectable salary of $2,000 per month from his corporate position, he was earning between $100 and $200 from his part-time YouTube channel. However, he quickly realized that if he worked full-time on YouTube, he could earn significantly more. Wode Maya says that after considering the idea for some time, he quit his job.

Maya said that his bold move to leave his job’s stability and security has paid off. He demonstrated how, after becoming a full-time YouTuber, his channel saw an increase in subscribers and views. The YouTuber currently ranks among Africa’s highest-earning YouTubers. Maya boasted that he even earns more in a single day than some doctors make in a single month.

Maya encouraged others to follow their dreams and take risks during the interview and expressed his gratitude for the opportunities that YouTube has provided for him. He advised individuals interested in YouTubing to overcome their fears and enter the creation industry.

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