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“Don’t Bother Burying Me” Kakamega Girl Pens Emotional Letter To Her Deadbeat Father

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“To my dear dad Misango,”

A young girl from Kakamega who scored 319 marks in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education-KCPE has penned an emotional letter to her dad after he allegedly refused to sponsor her join secondary school.

In a letter that has since gone viral, the young girl, who identified herself as Melvin Masitsa, complained about her father deliberately refusing to take her to a secondary school she called for basing on reasons she did not understand.

According to the letter, the girl had visited her father’s homestead the previous day to seek for his help but he turned beastly and chased her away.

“This is the last time you will see me coming here… you will never see me again in your eyes,” she wrote.

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Masitsa went ahead to note that none of her relatives her biological sisters wanted anything to do with her.

The disappointed young girl emotionally told her dad never to consider her as his daughter again as that was the last time she was seeking for his audience.

“Na penye utanipata unipite kama mwenye hunijui. Kwa sababu sasa niko uhai na hutaki kuniona/ If you ever come across me, just pass as if you have never known me. Because you have denied me when I am still alive,” she wrote.

Masitsa also told her father not to bother burying her in case they came across her corpse.

“Mwili wangu mkiipata msijisumbue kuizika/ If you come across my corpse, do not bother burying me,” read her letter in part.    

Evidenced by the letter, Masitsa’s parents are most probably estranged.

It has not yet been established as to why Masitsa’s father allegedly refused to take her to school despite her fairly good performance in KCPE, and why he was ‘chasing’ her away every time she went to seek his audience.

The source did not also mention the whereabouts of her mother.

What is your honest opinion in the matter and what can you advise both the young girl and her father?

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