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Earthquake: I was working on my laptop around 4:15am when it started to shake- Nasser Abdallah

Yesterday morning, it was reported that one of the strongest earthquakes to hit Syria and Turkey regions, in a century shook residents from their beds at around 4 a.m on Monday, as it sent the tremors as far away as Lebanon and Israel.

As at this morning, Tuesday, CNN reported that in Turkey alone, at least 2,921 people were killed and more than 15,800 others injured, while in neighboring Syria, at least 1,451 people have died.

However, according to BBC Africa, it was reported that after the huge earthquake hit much of southern Turkey and northern Syria, a Ghanian student, Nasser Abdallah, who lives in Adana, 150 miles from Gazientep, the city closest to the epicentre, has revealed what he experienced.

While he was talking, he said, “I was working on my laptop around 4:15am when it started to shake all of a sudden. My lightening system in the house started to shake as well, it started from a mild shake to a very heavy shake and when I noticed this, I ran and stood outside but, the ground was also shaking as well.”

He said there was no opportunity for them to take their winter coat, as they just stood outside in the rain for sometime, as they went back to their rooms and around 8:30am, the whole house started shaking again and they came out.

While he was talking in this interview, he was at a Park in Turkey, as they were told not to return back to their houses until further notice from the Turkish government or after 72 hours.

Nasser explained that unfortunately, people might not be returning back to their houses because, majority of the houses have cracks already.


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