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I left everything in America for Ghana; this is my home now – American lady shares

US citizen based in Ghana, Abigail Hall left everything behind to settle in Ghana after getting married to her Ghanaian boyfriend. 

Speaking on SVTV AFRICA with DJ Nyaami, Abigail debunked reports that she sold her house and cars to settle in Ghana. According to her, she did not own a house. However, she did sell her car and left her life and family in the US to live with her Ghanaian husband. 

“I left everything behind. I did sell my car, and I did leave my job behind. I didn’t own a house. I rented a house, so I didn’t have to sell it. But yeah, I did have to leave everything to come here. For now, Ghana is home.”

Moreover, Abigail shared insights into their relationship and how they found each other. Abigail mentioned that they met through a mutual friend and were in a long-distance relationship for a year before marriage. 

“We knew exactly what we wanted. It was surreal the first time we met. The funny thing is we had a year of talking, and the first time we met physically was when we got married. I was supposed to come earlier but couldn’t because of my job. It was perfect. I’m happy,” she said. 

Mrs Hall has been in Ghana for about four months. She spoke about her time in Ghana, how much she loves her new home and more. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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