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Tomorrow’s Episode On Sultana Series Citizen Tv

Ms. Salama and Maria are on their way to the hospital. Doctors will transport Sultana. Ms. Salama and Maria will remain. Maria will say that she has also visited a location like this. Maria will inquire of Ms. Salama whether she believes Sultana will mature well. Ms. Salama will assure you that the Sultana is fine.

Ms. Salama will request that Maria return upstairs because they left the door open and everything is outside. JJ, on the other hand, is plagued by thoughts. Sada attempts to calm him down. JJ, on the other hand, claims that he has done nothing cool to the sultana. JJ notices that he is inflicting more and more harm on himself.

However, as things stand, JJ realizes that only Sultana can provide him with relief. JJ will now claim that he doesn’t care whether or not the pregnancy is his. Sada will say that she cannot allow JJ to return to Mrs. Salama because she is afraid JJ will ruin things even more. JJ will claim that he is powerless until Mrs. Salama explains everything.

Sada will claim that JJ is going to the village because of Ms. Salama, not the Sultana. And these were the topics they were discussing. JJ and Sada returned to the village the following morning. Ms. Salama, your door is closed.

Sada claims she was aware that Ms. Salama would not be present. For the time being, they should be aware of their fate with the Major. JJ will claim that he has no desire for Major. JJ will request that Sada contact Mrs. Salama. However, the phone is a customer. Salama slept on the chair as well. Maria arrived early as well. Salama will inquire as to what time Maria arrived.

Maria will say that she is unhappy when the Sultana is not present, and no one has come to tell them anything about the Sultana since she arrived, and they should know that she keeps coming. Maria will inquire as to the time. Safe Going to look, I notice that the phone is on the client.

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