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“Uncle Gave Me Sh50, Forced Me To Sleep With Him” Grade 5 Girl Reveals In Court

People in the courtroom sobbed as a 14-year-old girl described what was done to her by her uncle. This was before the judge handed down the verdict in the case of the man who performed an indecent act on the 14 year old girl who is his niece.

On two separate instances, the man engaged in the horrific act of forcing himself to sleep with his niece. The young girl had just returned from school on the first time. When the girl was changing clothes, the man attacked her. He instructed the 14-year-old girl to lie down while giving her 50 Kenyan shillings.

The despicable man did the unthinkable to the girl and threatened to bury her alive if she ventured to inform her mother or anybody else. The young woman was in fear.

She kept it a secret out of dread for her uncle. The shameless man was not happy with his initial actions. He continued to abuse the girl, forcibly performing the same awful deed. The nasty uncle gave the girl one hundred Kenyan shillings this time.

The second time, the girl was in such pain. She found it difficult simply to walk to school. The young girl started to open up when the teacher realized something was wrong with her.

She revealed what her uncle was doing to her to the class instructor. The teacher called the girl’s mother at school while taking the girl to the hospital. The girl was found to have been defiled and to be pregnant after undergoing several tests at the hospital.

The teachers proceeded to the police station and gave a statement there, along with the mother. The bad uncle was detained and sent to court. Several eyewitnesses, the victim, were given the opportunity to testify in court today.

The individual was given 14 days to file an appeal after receiving a 20-year prison sentence. The man was asking the judge to pardon him after making an effort to admit his error.

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