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“When Mama Ngina Kenyatta Talked I Knew Ruto Was Fixing This Nation” Karen Nyamu

Few days ago president William Samoei Ruto came out with a slogan that everyone both rich and poor must pay tax to help the nation move forward. This made the former president Uhuru Kenyatta mother mama Ngina Kenyatta break the silence where she said tax should be followed by the relevant authorities and not through government officials side shows.

She went ahead and gave kra permission to sell her property if she has not paid the tax they government officials were claiming. Karen Nyamu who is a senator has reacted on this saying that nobody actually thought that a man like president Ruto from a poor background would have been elected by millions of hustlers and preside over discriminatory inequitable preferential oppressive arrangement against the common citizen.

She went ahead and said the day she watched mama Ngina Kenyatta cry out and she suggested that her property may as well be disposed to offset tax owed is the day she realized president Ruto is fixing the nation. She concluded that it’s not only that every kenyan must pay tax but they are fixing this nation.

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