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Top 14 Hottest Wives & Girlfriends of Football Players

Top 15 Hottest Wives & Girlfriends of Football Players

You can usually spot a stunning woman standing with a man who has made it in life.

The 14 hottest wives and girlfriends of NFL players are listed below.

If you didn’t ask, could we look at them anyway?

Number 14: Iker Casillas, Sara Carbonero.

The renowned Sara Carbonero is three years younger than Casillas. They started dating back in 2009, while she was still working as a journalist in Spain. After a long courtship lasting several years, they finally got married in 2016.

A Sergo Ramos and a Pilar Rubio, both numbered 13.

At the 2012 European Championships, Sergio Ramos may have met the woman who will become his wife. They tied the knot this year, and the new family of three is doing rather well.

Neymar, ranked 12 by Natalia Barulich

Next, we have Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s attractive girlfriend. Natalia Barulich is rumored to have confirmed Neymar and Bruna Marquezine’s connection on her entertainment website after Neymar bid goodbye to his ex-girlfriend this past summer.

Up to this point, Neymar has refrained from going too near to it.

For David de Gea, 11 is Edurne Garcia.

De Gea met the one when he was 20 years old. As a singer and a TV mediator, Garcia stands out.

Rank: No. 10: Paulo Dybala, Oriana Sabatini

Paulo Dybala met his true love in 2017. Performer, model, and actress Oriana Sabatini.

Nine, Amine Gulse, Mesut Ozil

Amine Gulse, a stunning 26-year-old performer, model, and indisputable queen of Turkish and Swedish miraculous events, has been performing since she was a teenager.

Ozil and Gulse started dating in 2017, and they eventually got married in 2019. Importantly, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan served as the Best Man during the ceremony.

Expectant parents made the big announcement in March of 2020 that they were having their first child, a teenager.

Granit Xhaka and Leonita Lekaj at No. 8

His stunning 28-year-old girlfriend Leonita Lekaj has been by his side since since his days as an Arsenal superstar in Germany.

It all started with a date in 2016, and a year or so later, they were married.

Recognizing Victoria and David Beckham with an Award

One of the most magnificent weddings in football history took place in 1999 when David Beckham wed his stunning companion.

Gary Neville was the best man at their wedding; they have four children together.

Sixth: Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal

Mikel Arteta, the manager of a weapons store, is married to one of the world’s hottest ladies. At the age of 17, Lorena Bernal won the title of Miss Spain in 1999 and placed in the top ten at the Miss World competition, where she represented Spain.

They got married in 2010, and they are currently taking care of three young kids together.

Rita Johal, 5th of the Riyadh

Riyad Mahrez dated the incredibly famous model for quite some time before they got married in 2015. Along with two young women, they have decided to start a family.

Four on Tammy Abraham’s list is a girl named Leah Monroe.

The subsequent follow-up is being conducted by Leah Monroe, who works with Tammy Abraham. Leah, barely 20, is a successful model, and they’ve been dating for years with no documented issues.

Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, comes in third.

While she was modeling for Dolce & Gabbana in 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo met his current assistant.

The pair had an undisclosed romance before they came out to the public. A family was created, and Ronaldo fully accepted the Fifth after only a brief time together.

Now that they have formed a cohesive group, we can confidently anticipate their future successes.

Lionel Messi’s second wife, Antonella Roccuzzo

In a grandiose wedding in June 2017, the Barcelona star wed his childhood idol.

They have a family of three now.

Number one, Alvaro Morata: Alice Campello

Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello contribute to the summary as well. They had a fast wedding before Morata left for Chelsea in 2017, and they are now happily married.

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