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Here Are Signs That Show That A Man Might Be Unable To Impregnate A Woman

• Infertility is typically ascribed to the woman in most situations.

•However, recent research indicates that in almost 50% of infertility cases, male infertility is also a major contributing factor.

•Men may also experience infertility for a variety of causes such as genetic flaws, hormonal imbalances, environmental factors and lifestyle choices.

•Here are a few symptoms that may show a man’s inability impregnate a woman:-

•Male reproduction might be impacted by exposure to specific environmental variables like toxins, radiation and chemicals.

•These environmental variables cause DNA damage which can result in abnormal sp3rm morphology and reduced s3men levels.

•According to Healthline.com, one of the most frequent reasons of male infertility is a low s3men count.

•A typical s3men count should be at least 15 million per milliliter of semen; according to the World Health Organization.

•A less count could reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.

•The condition known as varicocele; which affects the veins in a part of the reproductive system is one frequent reason why men are unable to conceive.

•Varicocele causes blood to collect in the testicles; raising the temperature and affecting sperm output.

•Infertility may result from men who have varicocele having a lower sp3rm count and poor s3men motility.

•S3men quality is very important for conception. Sp3rm may not be able to travel to the egg and fertilize it if it has abnormal shape and motility; which can result in infertility.

•The development and growth of s3men are both significantly influenced by hormones. Infertility can result from any hormonal imbalance such as insufficient testosterone levels.

•Men who have er3ctile dysfunction are affected when it comes to their fertility as this condition can interfere with their ability to impregnate a woman.

•Stress, worry and medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease are just a few of the things that can contribute to er3ctile dysfunction.

•Another factor contributing to male infertility is genetic abnormalities. Infertility could result and this can interfere with s3men production, transportation and function.

•S3men with abnormal morphology, a low count or weak motility may be present in men with genetic defects.

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