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Tinubu Should Bring M.C Oluomo, His Gang, Hand Them To The Police And We’ll Talk About Peace- Phrank Shaibu

The Spokesperson of PDP presidential candidate, Phrank Shaibu has come out to say that the only way Tinubu’s call for national peace will be taken seriously is if he brings M.C Oluomo and those who caused problems during the Lagos State governorship election and hand them over to the police.

According to Phrank Shaibu who appeared in an interview on Arise Tv this night, Tinubu cannot come out and call for peace when his underlings are the ones who caused the chaos we witnessed during the gubernatorial elections.

In his own words as seen on Arise Tv this night…

“The only way anyone can take Tinubu seriously for him to bring M.C Oluomo and his other gang of Jesters and hand them over to the police. These people made inflammatory remarks, these people called for the deportation of the Igbo people and other tribal group from Lagos.”

“That’s the only time he will be taken seriously, how can we take him seriously now when even his spokesperson, Bayo Onanuga goes to his Twitter handle to say Igbos should leave Lagos for them? These are people who claimed they worked against military dictatorship and they’ve now come out in this modern ear to talk about profiling like it was done in Hitler’s nazi Germany.”

Watch the full video here.

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