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“CBD will never be accessible,” Uproar As Interior CAS Millicent Omanga Sends Message To Kenyans

Kenyans have been left Reacting on a recent post shared by Interior CAS Millicent Omanga on Facebook.

As per her post on Facebook, Millicent speculated that CBD will never be accessible and business operations are back to normal.

Kenyans have shared their reactions to these claiming that the big deal behind Azimio la Umoja protests is to share their grievances to their Kenya Kwanza government concerning the high cost of living. They also added that business is not all about opening it,but it depends on availability of customers who are important in any business.

Some also felt that the words might divide Kenyans and anger those involved in the peaceful demonstrations. They advised CAS Millicent Omanga to try as much as possible and ensure her are aimed and bringing peace and unity in our country as well as for the better of it.

Screenshots of some of the comments from Kenyans

Link https://www.facebook.com/100044438829515/posts/pfbid02vRQxzwfcG38eKEAV41B77qjnM1FYZ1SXGbouDf5GQLCX2wQojB4yq9sYceyNUkBCl/?app=fbl

What is your take on Interior CAS Hon Millicent Omanga ‘s message? Feel free to drop your opinion on the comments section.

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