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Statement that Babu Owino made yesterday that has raised more reactions among Kenyans

The Azimio coalition principals and supporters have been having their public demonstration across the country. The purpose of these demonstrations are to push president, Dr William Ruto, and his administration to lower the high cost of living which they are claiming it’s tough high to Kenyans and they cannot afford it. They believe that through rallies will force the president, Dr William Ruto, to meet their demands as they proposed.

Last week, the mass demonstration was once a week, but this week and other weeks coming the Azimio coalition leader, Hon Raila Odinga, promised that the mass demonstration will be twice a week that’s on Monday and Thursday. During his visit in Kisii County, last week on Friday the Azimio coalition leader Hon Raila Odinga, made it very clear that there’s no turning back until their demands are met.

Yesterday during the mass demonstration, the Embakasi East constituency lawmaker, Hon Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino, made a statement Hon Raila Odinga should permit them to have the demonstration daily.

This statement has raised more reactions among Kenyans where some have agreed with him while others have accused his stand.

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