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Wild Reactions After Mulamwa Had Lunch With His ‘Bestie ‘ And Said They Would Do This Afterwards

Ulamwa is one of the celebrated Kenyan comedians. He shot to fame after featuring in Churchill show where his jokes were quite rib racking and elicited loud applauses from the attendees in the standup comedy forum. He also gained lots of admiration countrywide since the show was broadcasted on a famous TV station. And soon, Mulamwa had fans all over the country.

This is something which saw his flourish quite well even after the show was temporarily stopped during the corona pandemic. Mulamwa ventured to online comedy and engaged his fans through various social media sites.

His celebrity status also fueled the fact that many people all over follow up his lifestyle and private life to the latter. Thus, when he separated with his girlfriend shortly after they delivered their babygirl, Mulamwa was widely spoken after on social media. The others kept on following up on his life after separation to fine details.

This has seen fans react wildly after Mulamwa posted his best girlfriend (bestie) online. On his post according to Tuko news, Mulamwa said they were enjoying lunch with Ruth, his bestie and there after go each to their homes. However, fans could not buy anything like that. Most said there was more than friendship between the two while others said Carol, Mulamwa’s former girlfriend was also a bestie before they separated.

See some of the reactions from the screenshots below.

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