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Famous YouTuber Mr Beast Under Hot Soup For Tipping Waitress A Brand New Car.

Mr. Beast is getting a mixed response to his most recent popular TikTok video, in which he claimed to have given a waitress a brand-new automobile wrapped with his logos.

The 42-second video, which was broadcast earlier this week by Jimmy Donaldson, the most popular YouTuber in the world, asks waitress Amy about the largest tip she has ever received.

She answered, “Like $50.”

Has anyone ever tipped a car? Mr. Beast inquired while handing Amy a set of car keys.

He handed her a car key as he pulled one out of his pocket, and she immediately lost her face. He initially brought Amy outdoors to disprove Amy’s initial claim that he was lying.

Video of Amy’s surprised reaction to her new car shows her even apologizing to Mr. Beast for being late for work that day due to her Uber’s sluggish service. In the video, Amy also acknowledged that she didn’t know how to drive, but despite this, she still hugged Mr. Beast and thanked him for the gift of a lifetime.

While the majority of those who saw the video had positive things to say about the upbeat material, some social media users weighed in to criticize the decision, and as a result, the internet is now in utter disarray.

Many people noted that the waitress’s pay would include the value of the automobile, It would put her in a higher tax rate; nonetheless, several people took offense at the fact that the car bore his “Feastable” chocolate branding mark.

Several have defended him in spite of the criticism, praising him for his compassion and desire to go above and above for others.

It is unavoidable that Mr. Beast’s humanitarian endeavors have frequently been the subject of online debate, but this does not take away from the reality that his activities have had a good impact on a large number of individuals.



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