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I will never abandon my children for a man old lady explain after receiving threats from her husband


Women are having it hard especially those who have children before marriage. You will find that their partners want them to leave their children behind and start a new life without them. A lady explained to s Vlogger via a shared video that she will never leave her children for a man.

Old lady narrated that her new husband wanted her to leave the house with her children and come stay with him. ” He wanted me to leave my children alone,” she said. Instead of listening to what I have to stay he asks me to chose between him and my children. I lost hope in our marriage never thought I will find such a partner in my life. I prayed hard to have a husband, but I cannot leave the house that mu daughter built for me to stay with another man, never. It is hard being a woman just imagine having to chose, which side will you chose leave your comments below.

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