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Distressed Female Friend of Pwani University Bus Victims Recounts What she had Planned for her Lover

The Pwani University bus crash brought about much losses to several families, close friends and the Pwani University school fraternity as several lives were lost.

Some of the victims had plans with their loved ones who were based in Eldoret where they were heading for the games, but never made it there after their bus suffered the fatal crash.

According to Tuko news podcast, Lorine has narrated how she had planned to treat her lover and his friends whom she was to meet up with in Eldoret after they arrived.

However, Lorine was left heartbroken after the accident which killed her lover whom they were to make over and resolve their relationship issues.

“My personal person left me with the nice food that I had prepared for him and his close friend. We were to meet and resolve the issues we had in our relationship after he arrived for the sports events in Eldoret.” Tamasha Lorine told Tuko about the loss she got from the Pwani University accident on the Nairobi-Naivasha highway.

Lorine had prepared a meal for Bonface Omondi Haron and his companions and was looking forward to hosting them for a reunion meal in Eldoret.

“We had been dating for 9 years. Tulianza kudate kudate 2014. My last time to see him was last year. Our differences were there but no one noted. My cousin who was his friend got injured but survived. He was the goalkeeper for the squad. We intended to spend time together. Waliniambia niwapikie they are nearing Naivasha after Kuniambia, so nilipika.” A devastated Lorine stated.

May she get comfort from God.

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