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NEWS JUST IN: Raila Publishes Presidential Results of a Website Allegedely Containing Server Results

Raila Odinga publishes a website containing all the original Forms 34 he claims are in the IEBC server, that were altered at Bomas tallying Centre before being posted on the IEBC Portal.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has been charged more than ever as he claims that he won the August polls pilling more pressure on the Ruto administration. In his latest press statement, Raila declared that Monday they will stage a massive protest in Nairobi that will see Ruto being kicked out of State House.

Citing the results published by a website Kenyaelections.com, Raila said that there is no doubt that the August win was theirs and was only snatched from them by the IEBC and in collusion with a compromised Supreme Court.

“We’d like to reiterate that the collated results on this link, kenyaelectionresults.com, leave no room for doubt that Azimio emerged victorious in the last election. In light of this, we strongly urge Mr. Ruto to vacate his office immediately, ahead of the upcoming #MegaMonday.” Raila Odinga.

Raila went ahead to send a warning to William Ruto that he should vacate State House before the Monday mass protest. Raila at yue same time warned the foreigners especially ambassadors from the Western countries for allegedely trying to involve themselves with the internal matters of Kenya. In specific Raila cautioned the US Ambassador Meg Whitman following her statement that Kenya had the most transparent elections in Africa.

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