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Top five football players that have played With a Ronaldo and Messi

Lionel Andres Messi popularly known as Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Dos santos Aviero, are definitely the top most famous, exciting and greatest footballers in history, and any footballer would be lucky to call them a teammate.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi can’t be dispute in place of history books, as we all know that they are one of best football players to ever play on the pitch. Both Football stars having twelve Ballon d or in the history of football is enough to be called the greatest achievement ever to happen in football. Leo Messi having won the current World Cup is yet another wonderful achievements enough to be known as the GOAT’s of football.

However calling even one of them a teammate is an honor, and also once in a lifetime opportunities for some footballers. Also, playing with the both of them is off the charts.

So with this in mind we are serving our viewers with the list of some five lucky footballers to have played with Ronaldo and Messi.

1.) Gerard pique

It may sound surprising to hear that the Barcelona legend was once a Cristiano Ronaldo teammate, as we all know him to be a Barcelona player all days of his time.

While the Catalan is a product of the Barcelona youths system, he left for united in 2004. But Gerard pique couldn’t break in the United squad and also get to play with Ronaldo 15 times in all competitions.

In 2008, the centre back returned to Barcelona, and won many honors with Leo Messi till 2021.

2.) Paulo Dybala

Dybala gets to play with Cristiano Ronaldo as teammates in juventus, and also get to played alongside Leo Messi in the Argentine National team. It’s a unique situation that other footballers haven’t get to experienced.

3.) Angel Di Maria

The current Juventus winger partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo back in his days at the Santiago in Real Madrid, and won many major titles with the Portuguese star. Also he’s a teammate of Leo Messi in the Argentine national team that both won the prestigious World Cup trophy together in 2022.

4.) Sergio Ramos

Ramos is another former Real Madrid player that plays alongside Cristiano Ronaldo back in his days at Santiago, and also a teammate of Messi now in his present club at PSG Football club.

However, Ramos spent nine years in Spanish capital and also won 15 major trophies together with Cristiano Ronaldo four Champions league title.

5.) Achraf Akimi

As a product of Real Madrid’s Youth academy. Achraf is another player on the list that have played alongside the two greatest footballers of all time, in his days at Real Madrid and at his current team PSG In the France Ligue 1.

The Morocco international left Spain at the same time as Ronaldo and since played for dortmund and Milan, but now he’s playing alongside Leo Messi in the France Ligue 1.

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