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VIDEO: The Moment Pa Adebanjo Said, There Is No Faction In The Party

Pa Adebanjo granted an interview to Arise News. In this interview, he was asked some questions, and he gave some responses. One of such questions is this:

You made your position clear on the outcome of the presidential election. You believe the Labour Party candidate Peter Obi won the election, and you are in support of his legal battle to reclaim his mandate, so to speak. But Pa Fasoranti has rejected this position. You know, giving the impression that Afenifere is not united and that the faction, your faction, is acting unilaterally. Can you speak to us on this?

“I have refused to be engaged in that controversy. If Pa Fasoranti is not too old to get people to fractionalize the party, I am too old to be involved in that type of thing now. It is a closed chapter.”

He went further to say, “There is no faction in the party.”

This article is according to Arise News.

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