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“I Have Never Campaigned For Anyone,” David Oyedepo Says Amid A Leaked Phone Call With Peter Obi

In a 54-second video posted by the Vanguard newspaper, Bishop David Oyedepo, the general overseer of Winners Chapel, claimed that since Nigeria returned to democracy, he has never campaigned for anyone and that all political parties consult him for guidance.

The famed preacher made the comment during a church service on Sunday, just hours after a phone call between him and Peter Obi on the eve of the presidential election went viral.

Nigerians believe Bishop David Oyedepo’s remark was in response to a leaked phone call between him and Peter Obi, in which the Labour Party presidential candidate could be heard telling him that the presidential election is a “religious war,” and that he needs the man of God to convince the people of South West and Kwara State to vote for him.

His words: “I will always be a prophet of God who says what God wants me to say, not what people want me to say. Politicians have always come to me for prayers, but I have never campaigned for anyone. I give them guidance when they come. Some of these politicians follow my counsel and find that things go well for them, while others do not. I will offer them the same counsel even if they come to me ten times.”

The Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, on the other hand, has debunked the news of the viral phone conversation, claiming that it is part of the ruling party’s propaganda to divert Nigerians from participating in the restoration of Peter Obi’s stolen mandate.

Peter Obi was the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the recently ended presidential election, finishing third with 6,101,533 votes.

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